Bali is a part of the Indonesian archipelago and is divided into 5 geographical sections, and the region becomes more commercial & tourist-oriented as we move from north to south. The North Bali consists of black volcanic sand beaches. Central Bali consists of lush mountain ranges that can be explored through extensive trekking sessions. East Bali will take you to the region where an active volcano lies, with tiny settlements sitting beneath the high peaks & West Bali takes you to the famous Bali National Park. South Bali is the most visited and crowded, with lavish beaches and world-class amenities.


Bali is a predominantly Hindu region, where locals worship the supreme deity Acintya, who manifested himself as Civa (Shiva) & Wisnu (Vishnu). They set out lavish preparations in leaf plates, filled with rice, cookies, coffee, and assortments and offer them to the deity religiously on a daily basis. Their iconic temples are world famous, that is multi-tiered and placed in nine protective directions to ward off the evil spirits from the island. When you enter the temple, you will witness that both Hindu & Buddhist deities are seated within the premises, which demonstrates the prevalence of religious harmony.



Balinese locals incorporate a lot of shrimp paste in their dishes. Balinese salads are a must try, where thin slivers of meat are tossed with fresh slices of local vegetables and seasoned with exotic dressings. They also wrap chicken, duck or fish in marinating, wrap them in banana leaves and cook them over the charcoal. Don’t forget to try the fern tips cooked in shrimp paste with a hint of lime. Minced seafood lumped around a lemongrass stalk and grilled is also a delicacy you should try. You will never run out of eating choices from rice, to noodles, meatballs, fresh vegetables and exotic spice combinations.


  • Tanah Lot Temple – This multi-tiered temple is dedicated to the guardian spirits of the sea. It sits atop a rock and overlooks the scenic ocean.
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces – This lush expanse of rice fields look like an endless green sea, and is an extremely photogenic location to visit.
  • Ubud Art Market – This colorful market is every shopaholic’s heaven. You can shop for excellent souvenirs crafted by the hands of seasoned Balinese craftsmen.
  • Bali Safari Park – It is a wildlife theme park where you will encounter at least sixty exotic animals roam about freely as you enter their habitat in a jeep safari.
  • Sanur Lagoon – You can indulge in some quiet beach time or enjoy kite surfing, jet skiing or swimming in the frothy shores of Sanur Lagoon.
  • Waterbom Bali – It is the biggest water themed park in Bali that attracts thousands of tourist every year. Offers a great range of creative rides and recreation.


The Balinese celebrate the Hindu New Year called Nyepi when the entire island observes silence throughout the day. They believe that during Nyepi, the evil spirits raid the island to incur harm upon the population. To trick them into believing that no one exists in the island, the entire population refrains from making any noise. This happens for the entire day until they believe that they have successfully tricked the spirits.


  • Nearest Airport – Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar International Airport.