Dooars is a fertile Terai region that expands over the three districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri & Coochbehar. It is an extremely fertile region which is irrigated by popular Himalayan streams like Teesta & Sankosh. Hence, the entire domain of Dooars is extensively forested. It is home to some of the most exotic creatures, some of which are endangered and rare Himalayan species. Dooars is a treasure trove of natural beauty, most of which is yet to be explored and appreciated through human eyes.


Dooars is a heavily forested region that harbors nearly six acclaimed national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and nature reserves. However, some specific spots around these reserves have been commercialized for the tourists, so that they can find comfort, as well as luxury accommodation options in the middle of lush green forestry. You can choose between government lodges or private resorts to stay in, and enjoy easy access to sanctuaries and protected parks that harbor the exotic animals.



Tourists visit the lush forests of Dooars to get a glimpse of magnificent beasts freely move about in their natural habitat. Some of the most notable animals to look out for are the Asian Elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros, leopards, chital, spotted & barking deer, sloth bears, Indian wolves, Giant Squirrels, Sambar, alligators, boas, pythons, Yellow-throated Martens and many more. You can watch them at your leisure through regularly conducted jeep safaris inside the sanctuaries by the Forest Department officials.


  • Gorumara National Park - This protected area harbors the largest population of the One-Horned Rhinoceros, which does not exist anywhere else in the world except for North East India.
  • Malbazar - This small town in Dooars will take you to a Hanuman Temple which is worth a visit. The temple has been decorated with great detailing which is worth capturing with your camera.
  • Lataguri - This laid-back corner is famous for its resorts that offers you a perfect hideout to spend short vacations in. Backed with every modern amenity, you enjoy staying in the lap of nature.
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve - This reserve inhabits the largest number of exotic Royal Bengal Tigers after the Sunderbans. Hence, a jeep safari in here will have you encounter many striped beasts.
  • Suntaleykhola - Dotted with fragrant orange farms and picturesque settlements, this location offers an ideal countryside vibe where you can stop by, relax and rejuvenate from the hectic city life.
  • Buxa Fort - This ancient wreckage offers you a glimpse of history. Here, you will discover the chambers the British officials used to imprison and brutally torture the Indian rebels.


Apart from many endangered animal species, Dooars is also home to the Toto tribe, who do not inhabit any other place in the world. What makes the Totos unique is that their origin cannot be traced to any of the neighboring tribes or communities like the Rajbonshis, Koch, Mech or Sharcop from Bhutan. Anthropologists have concluded that the Toto Tribe sports a completely unique culture and language that has not experience any form of merging with any other existing local language or culture. The Toto Tribe was on the verge of extinction, with only 321 Totos alive during the mid-nineteenth century. With the efforts of the government for their preservation & upliftment, they now harbor a population of more than thousand healthy & prospering Totos. Tourists can visit Totopara during their tour and sneak a peek into their unique lives and culture to learn something new.


  • Nearest Railway Station – NJP Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport – Bagdogra Airport
  • Nearest Bus/Vehicle Stand – Siliguri Junction near Pradhan Nagar