Andaman & Nicobar Islands is an archipelago consisting of roughly six hundred islands, most of which are inhabited by the residential tribes who exhibit their own distinct culture. Many South Indian locals reside in here too. Only six to seven islands in the Andaman Islands are open for commercial purposes and can be accessed by the incoming tourists. These islands are perhaps the best in terms of strategic location, amenities and arrangements for ample recreation. The islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal, and share a close proximity to destinations like Myanmar & Thailand.


The Andaman Islands are a secluded beach station, that enjoys breezy tropical atmosphere by the beach year round. With endless stretches of white sand, shallow green waters and breathtaking underwater wildlife, Andaman offers you a versatile vacation package under the sun. With exciting opportunities to try water sports like sea walking, scuba diving, snorkeling, riding on a seaplane, bathing with the elephants, hunting for turtle nests & spending your time in private beaches and resorts, and much more.



You will enjoy international as well as North Indian & South Indian delicacies served to you by top chain restaurants scattered across the Andamans. You can choose to dine in upscale restaurants or just try the roadside stalls serving you lip-smacking-smacking food every day. From Chinese, Continental, South-Indian, Tandoori, Vegetarian to even Vegan, every option is made available in the Andaman Islands. enjoy fresh catches every day like trouts, lobsters, tuna, coconut crabs, and cuttlefish.


  • Neil Island - You can enjoy snorkeling through the shallow waters of the Neil Island to explore the ecosystem around the vivid corals that thrive in warm waters.
  • Indian Cellular Jail Memorial - Enjoy the Sound and Light show that highlights the living conditions of the jail residents in here before independence. The narration is done by Om Puri.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex - You will enjoy access to every modern water sports arrangement in here, from banana boats, parasailing kits to jet skis. Best when visited with the family.
  • Havelock Island - You should definitely opt for glass boat rides in the waters of Havelock. These boats have glass bottoms that let you have a clear glimpse of the fishes that swim underneath which is extremely exotic to watch.
  • Mount Harriet - Trek through this exotic rainforest and enjoy group campings by the shore beside the bonfire. You can even hunt for the coconut crab nests as you explore the forest.


The beach in Havelock, when the currents bring in a large number of planktons to the shore, you can watch the exhilarating phenomenon of bioluminescence. The shores light up in neon colored streaks under the pale moonlight. Every tourist should visit a bioluminescent beach once in a lifetime. This phenomenon happens when the tiny, unicellular creatures called phytoplankton are floating by the water surface. Upon being threatened, they emit flashes of neon sparks in defense to scare off the predator. What is see is a collective effort of tiny planktons generate sparks of beautiful lights in the water, which is a beautiful thing to witness.


  • Nearest Airport – Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair
  • Nearest Sea Port - Port Blair